Delegation Model

MPMF can also provide designated persons ("DPs"), to support a client’s own UCITS management company, AIFM, internally managed Alternative Investment Fund ("AIF") or self-managed UCITS (together the "client companies"). These DPs have day-to-day responsibility for management functions and for monitoring, reviewing, reporting and escalating any issues to the board of the relevant client company. 

MPMF's core delegation model is supplemented with the following:

  • Regulatory compliance: ensuring adherence to all regulatory requirements and providing a compliance officer where necessary.
  • Project management: a dedicated on-boarding team responsible for agreeing operational flows and establishing lines of communication for escalation procedures; establishing reporting requirements with each service provider for all management functions and review/implement the required delegation agreements.
  • Integrated risk and regulatory reporting: providing a technology platform including reporting on performance and risk analytics alongside regulatory reporting including daily UCITS risk reporting, AIFMD (Annex IV), FATCA/CRS and EMIR.
  • Functional support: providing resources and expertise to oversee protocols, procedures and committees for regular reporting to the fund board and investment manager, including escalation.
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